Mike Harman


Headshot of Mike Harman, Manager & Co-Owner

Mike Harman is a Luther Graduate with a degree in business and economics. He worked nineteen years at Decorah State Bank/Community First National Bank as a mortgage lender, commercial lender, and president of the bank.  "I have always enjoyed working with people, and in my time at the bank, nothing was more satisfying than helping a family purchase their dream home."

After nineteen years at the bank Mike decided to pursue other avenues.  He started Harman Realty with his brother Mark in 2005.   In 2011, Mike’s son, Ben, joined the Harman Realty Team.  Mike and his family have a strong love for the Decorah Community. "Northeast Iowa is the closest thing to Colorado in the Midwest. We are not only blessed with scenic beauty, but wonderful people as well." Mike's current involvement includes: Treasurer of Winneshiek County Development and Decorah Jobs, Decorah Betterment Board Member, and Chamber member.

In recent years, Mike has served as Chair-Person for the Trout Run Trail, Water Street Park, and St. Benedict’s Church Addition Fundraisers.  "Working with others to assure the Decorah Area continues to be vibrant and a main economic hub is a great motivational force." Mike and his wife Sandy have three children; Tyler who is married to Sarah and live in Decorah with their sons Kalin and Isaiah; Ben and his wife Jenny who also live in Decorah with their children Charlotte, Lucy, and Max; and Emily and her husband Tyler O’Brien who live and work in the Des Moines Area with their son, Gus.

"We knew that Decorah was the place we wanted to be, and working with people was a necessity. The time was right for me to make a change. Mark (my brother) and I had many discussions over the years about working together in Real Estate. I consider myself lucky to be able to work with someone I have had great respect for and consider a mentor."

Meet Your Realtor: Mike Harman